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The foundation of every institute is based on the staff members that work in the institute. It involves teaching staff members,non-teaching staff members, guest faculty, as well as hospital staff members. 

Thus at Sawkar Homoeopathic Medical College, we have taken surgical care in selecting the staff, that will not just serve the students but will pave their path to becoming expert and respected medical practitioner.

Staff List

Teaching Staff List

Non Teaching Staff

Guest Staff

Hospital Staff

Office Staff

We have an experienced staff of 31 members, delivering knowledge to the future life savers of society.

We understand that non-teaching staff members are equally important for creating excellent doctors. Thus we have a strong staff handling non teaching activities of our institute

At Sawkar Homoeopathic Medical College We bring industry professionals, into the institute to deliver the current scenarios of the world the medical world. 

We have a well-trained, hospital staff for giving students real-life experience.  

We have a fully trained office staff, to conduct all the administrative duties effectively.

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