Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

About Homoeopathic Pharmacy


When we talk about pharmacy as a subject usually thought revolve around collection, preparation and dispensing of medicinal substance in our mind. Preparing a substance which is ready to be used as a remedy is the concept involved in this subject.

We may divide the whole of the pharmacy subject for Homoeopathy into two stages:

  • 1. Pre Homoeopathic stage: It is the stage where we collect the medicinal substance from nature, processing for finding out the medicinal property. This stage is similar as with of the other system of medicine. Up to preparation of mother tincture, more or less pharmaceutical remain the same with little variation.
  • 2. Homoeopathic stage: Extracting out the dynamic property from the material. This stage is the Determinative stage for the homoeopathic pharmacy. Application onward makes the subject very specific for Homoeopathy. Potentising the medicine and beyond mother tincture pharmaceutical process become more specific and exclusive for the Homoeopathy.

This department is divided into:‚Äč

  • Pharmacy Laboratory
  • Museum
  • Departmental library
  • HOD Cabin
  • Demonstration Area

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