Hospital Facilities & Infrastructure

Case taking is an art, a skill that needs to be honed with the masters and with the patients. So many challenges in every unique case and yet we often get stuck with one straightjacket approach to solve all cases.

As homeopathy is an individualistic therapy, even the case taking approach needs to be individualised to address each unique case.

In “Samarth Charitable and Multispecialty Hospital”, Students and Interns get opportunities to learn all aspects of Homoeopathic Case management including Case Taking, Analysis, Evaluation, Repertorization, Selection of Remedy and Follow up etc. Along with training in Homoeopathic Approach, Clinical training under different subjects is also given to students.


Samarth Charitable Hospital is attached to Sawkar Homoeopathic Medical College.Is a 25 - bedded hospital, with all the ultramodern facilities & various departments like Surgery, Medicine, O.B.Gynac, Pediatric, etc.

ICU Ward

5 bed ICU,with ventilator multipara moniters,Centralized Oxygen and many more.

Operation Theatre

Ultra-modern operation theatre where all kinds of major & minor surgeries can be performed.

Centralized Oxygen System

A centralized Oxygen system is available to tackle any medical emergency.

Pathology Lab

In-house pathology lab to perform, all routine & specialized investigations.